Kevin Edward McGinn

Kevin Edward McGinn has worked in acquisition since 1971. His 43 years of experience include assignments as a contracting officer, supervisor, and manager. The bulk of his experience has been in field contracting for a wide variety of supplies and services in support of customers located in the United States, Europe and Southwest Asia.

Most recently, Mr. McGinn worked at the Defense Security Service (DSS) as the Director of the Office of Acquisitions and as a Senior Procurement Analyst. Prior to DSS, he was the Director of the Office of Procurement at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In these jobs he provided regular training to the contracting workforce on statutes, regulations and judicial and administrative decisions affecting procurement.

From 1981 until 2005, he spent nearly 20 years during three tours as the Executive Director of the Naval Regional Contracting Center (NRCC), Naples, Italy. NRCC Naples, with its Detachments in London, Bahrain and Dubai, was responsible for providing acquisition and business management support to fleet units, naval bases, shore activities, and contingency operations in Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia. The contracts covered husbanding support, ship repair, air terminal and mess hall operations, and port security services as well as spare parts, fresh fruits and vegetables and other provisions for afloat and shore units. During these years, he provided regular training to the NRCC acquisition workforce.

In 1986/87, he was a supervisory contracting officer supporting classified, major weapons programs.

From 1978 until 1981, he was a supervisory contracting officer and Director of the Saudi Naval Expansion Program, Operations and Maintenance Office. This program provided a billion dollar, omnibus service contract which augmented Saudi Naval Forces in the operation and maintenance of their naval bases at Jubail and Jeddah and at their Headquarters in Riyadh.

At various times from 1971 until 2000, Mr. McGinn worked as a contracting specialist, contracting officer, and Executive Director at the Naval Regional Contracting Center, Washington, D.C. NRCC Washington supported a wide range of customers with the award of contracts for IT supplies and services, program management support, advertising services, educational services agreements, research and development, and machine tools. As a supervisor and manager, he trained his workforce regularly on procurement issues.

Mr. McGinn is a 1970 cum laude graduate of the University of Virginia. He received a Secretary of the Navy Fellowship to study contracts management and business administration at the George Washington University, and he attended the Georgetown University Executive Program in International Business Management.

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